Rockstomper Recovery Gear

3/4" screw pin anchor shackles.

Use them for assorted winch and tow strap rigging, chain hookups, whatever you need.

We have both imported and US-made shackles--both are rated the same, 4 3/4 ton (9500 pounds) working load, with a minimum breaking load of 20 tons (40,000 pounds).

Imported shackles, $12 each.

US-made shackles, $20 each.

Shackle hangers for your bumper project, $15 each. Welding required.

Approximate shackle hanger dimensions:
Overall 1" wide, 3" high.
Sticks out approx. 2.5" from bumper surface.
7/8" hole.

Extra-long shackle hangers:

All info the same as our shorter shackle hangers, but 2" longer (approx. 4.5" overall length) for cutting through your 2" box-tube bumper, and welding them into both sides.

Extra-long hangers, $20 each.

Because of the unpredictable and potentially abusive loads placed on recovery gear, it is not returnable and carries no warranty.

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